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IPv6 RIPEness

Mirjam Kühne

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Please find below a list of all articles related to the IPv6 RIPEness study showing how IPv6 is deployed by country, based on four different criteria.

IPv6 RIPEness Through the Years (April 2017)

  • Seven years after the initial measurements, we look at the developments

IPv6 RIPEness in 2017 (February 2017)

  • An update on IPv6 RIPEness, including an analysis for new Local Internet Registries (LIRs)

Lost Stars - Why Operators Switch off IPv6 (November 2015)

  • We discovered a number of LIRs switched off IPv6 and tried to find out why.

IPv6 RIPEness - Implementing the Fifth Star (May 2013)

  • Showing the first results of the fifth star for IPv6 RIPEness

IPv6 RIPEness - More Stars (September 2012)

  • A proposal to implement a fifth star measuring IPv6 deployment at the edge.

IPv6 RIPEness - How to Reach the Stars (April 2012)

  • A description how you can find out how many IPv6 RIPEness stars you have and which are missing. Instructions on how to get all four stars are also included.

IPv6 RIPEness - Production & Updates (November 2011)

  • IPv6 RIPEness is now a production service; we show updated stats and some recent developments.

IPv6 RIPEness - One Year Later (May 2011)

  • One year after the introduction of IPv6 RIPEness, we look at the numbers again and suggest some additional features.

RIPE NCC LIR Locator (February 2011)

  • The LIR Locator now displays of those LIRs that fulfill all 4 criteria according to the 4-star IPv6 RIPEness rating.

IPv6 RIPEness - The List of 4-star LIRs (November 2010)

  • LIRs that fulfill all 4 IPv6 RIPEness criteria are now listed on the RIPE NCC web site.

IPv6 RIPEness - Update and Methodology (August 2010)

  • LIRs that fulfill all 4 IPv6 RIPEness criteria are now listed on the RIPE NCC web site.

IPv6 RIPEness - Criteria for a Potential Fifth Star (August 2010)

  • In this article, two options for a potential fifth star to the rating system are listed.

IPv6 RIPEness - the Sequel ( June 2010)

  • As a follow-up to the initial IPv6 RIPEness graph, we did more analysis based on LIR signup year, size and the industry sector that the LIR operates in.

IPv6 RIPEness - the Movie (May 2010)

  • In this article, we looked at the increase of IPv6 RIPEness over time. This is illustrated in a movie.

IPv6 RIPEness - First Steps (April 2010)

  • Describes a rating system, in which LIRs can get up to four “stars” for IPv6 services, depending on the following criteria: IPv6 allocation, visibility in the Routing Information Service ( RIS ), route6 object in the RIPE Database and reverse DNS delegation set up.


Please also see http://ripeness.ripe.net/ for live data.

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