Alun Davies

Jim Cowie: The Historical Record of the Internet

Alun Davies
Contributors: Jim Cowie


Understanding outages and shutdowns and how the Internet as a whole came to be vulnerable to - but also resilient against - these kinds of events requires more than a snapshot of things as they are today. In this episode, Jim Cowie talks about how historical measurement data can help us acquire a better understanding of the Internet.

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01:40 - There's a nice, quick introduction to Jim and his background right here.

03:11 - RIPE RIS

04:50 - Jim on the 2011 outage in Egypt

07:05 - Jim has since confirmed that the Renesys team was indeed using RIS BGP data since September 2001, though Routeviews remains another invaluable source of BGP data.

12:35 - Jim's presentation at CAPIF1

13:42 - Resilience of the Internet in Ukraine on RIPE Labs

15:30 - Jim on the Rogers Outage over on the Pulse blog

21:43 - Doug Madory on Cuba and the Geopolitics of Submarine Cables

31:30 - GEODE on the RIPE Labs podcast

33:30 - RIPE Atlas


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Hailing from a research background in philosophy, linguistics and computer science, I came to the RIPE NCC back in 2016 and took on the role of RIPE Labs Editor in 2020.

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