Alun Davies

Lefteris Manassakis: In Defence of BGP

Alun Davies
Contributors: Lefteris Manassakis


BGP is the Internet's de facto routing protocol - but relatively few have a deep understanding of its vulnerabilities. Delving into threats posed by misconfigurations and hijacks, Lefteris Manassakis discusses BGP and the importance of mitigation, monitoring, and detection with ARTEMIS and Code BGP.

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Show notes

00:51 - ARTEMIS is a system that enables network operators to monitor, detect and mitigate the effects of BGP prefix hijacking events. Read up on ARTEMIS on RIPE Labs or read other blog posts and academic papers on the ARTEMIS website.

01:00 - Code BGP

01:07 - Lefteris presenting on CodeBGP at RIPE 85

04:10 - An example of other research from Lefteris and Fontas.

04:42 - BGP version 1 in RFC 1105

04:50 - BGP version 4 in RFC 4271

07:21 - A profile on Christos Papadimitriou

08:18 - OSPF

16:22 - The ARTEMIS paper

17:11 - Stable Internet Routing Without Global Coordination by Lixin Gao and Jennifer Rexford

19:22 - RFC 7908

21:40 - Rogers outage

26:38 - Sharon Goldberg and others on the use of maxlength in RPKI.

27:57 - RFC 9319

34:00 - RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund

35:00 - The Code BGP team

41:10 - RIS Live

48:33 - MANRS and Code BGP

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