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Paola Grosso: Defining a Responsible Internet

Alun Davies
Contributors: Paola Grosso

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For many, the Internet is essentially a black box. We connect with other endpoints to send and receive data, but we have little insight into what happens in between. Dr Paola Grosso talks about how CATRIN seeks to provide more visibility and control so we can make more responsible decisions on how we traverse the Internet.

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Show notes:

02:17 – Paola’s UvA profile

04:21 – CATRIN project homepage

04:44 – UPIN project announcement

06:00 – Partners in the CATRIN project are listed at the bottom of the project homepage

09:29 – The ‘main paper’ on the responsible Internet that we talk about is the article in the Journal of Network and Systems Management. There’s also a series of posts about CATRIN on the SIDN Labs blog.

24:12 – See more on the Waag’s role in CATRIN

26:05 – Read up on the latest developments in MANRS.

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