Alun Davies

Research on DNS Root Server System

Alun Davies
Contributors: Romeo Zwart

APNIC and the RIPE NCC are about to conduct some joint research on the DNS root server system. Here's a quick heads up on our plans.

As part of a broader research program by APNIC on the dynamic properties of the DNS root server system, APNIC and the RIPE NCC are planning to conduct a measurement matching specific APNIC-generated DNS queries against the resulting queries received at the K-root anycast servers.

The joint research work will use the APNIC ad-based system to cause queries to be passed towards K-root. The queries will then be identified at the K-root servers, matching their characteristics to those passed on by the scripts in the original queries.

The methodology used, both in query generation and analysis of the results, as well as in the selection of packets captured on the K-root servers, will only look at those queries that were generated by the ad placement scripts. No end-user generated data will be shared or accessed in conducting this measurement.

Data gathering is planned to commence on 12 June 2017 and will continue until 19 June 2017. A full report with details of the experiment and the resulting analysis will be available in a few weeks.


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