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Updated Reply-Size Tester

Anand Buddhdev

A new version of the reply-size tester tool is available now, incorporating feedback received since its first release.

Please note that the reply-size tester tool will not be available anymore on RIPE Labs as of 11 October 2010. You can still access the tool on the OARC web site:

Yesterday, we released a newer version of the reply-size test tool. We took feedback from users, and made some changes to the tool. In this newer version, you will now see a drop-down list of all the resolvers that are configured on your system, and you can select one of these to test. You can also enter an IP address of your choice to test.

Additionally, we made some of the error messages a bit clearer, so that if the tool fails to run properly on a system, it will say so, and point the user to alternative ways to test.

Finally, we also added a note about the difference between the buffer size that a resolver announces, and what the tool measures.

This new version is available here: replysizetest-1.1.jar (MD5 checksum 420bddc70a60c5c93a0d33185a5a3caf)

We have also been analysing the log files from all the reply-size tests that users have been running. This will give us an idea of the percentage of resolvers that are okay, and how many have problems receiving large responses. We will publish summarised results and some graphs very soon.


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