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Phase out of Reply-Size Tester

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Back in December 2009 we released a tool with which you can test your DNS resolver for possible issues with a DNSSEC signed root zone. Now that the root zone has been signed in production since 15 July 2010 we will stop this service on Monday, 11 October 2010.


We did some early analysis of the data back in February that showed that the vast majority of resolvers were already capable of using the DNSSEC signed root zone.

During the roll-out of the DURZ (Deliberately Unvalidatable Root Zone) this was confirmed by the observation that those root servers that were still carrying an unsigned version did not receive more traffic than the others.

Now that the signed root zone has gone into production we are confident that our initial data points were correct. 

Testing your resolver

The software we are using for our tool is based on the Reply-Size Tester developed by DNS-OARC . DNS-OARC is still providing this service and you can test your resolver with it.
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