Anastasiya Pak

André Grilo: Ready or Not - Rethinking Cybersecurity for a Post-Quantum World

Anastasiya Pak
Contributors: André Grilo


Quantum technologies promise all kinds of fascinating possibilities, but they also come with risks. In this episode, André Grilo, founder and CEO of QuantumNova, talks about why we need to start investing in post-quantum cryptography to protect ourselves against post-quantum threats.

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01:17 - QuantumNova

05:08 - Shor’s algorithm

11:07 - Post-quantum cryptography

14:02 - NIST selected 4 post-quantum security algorithms

16:00 - EU’s programme to support companies to transition to post-quantum

23:26 - Quantum repeaters to overcome overcome entanglement distribution over long distances

25:10 - Quantum Internet Hackathon

29:28 - AI and Quantum


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