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André Grilo's passion for cybersecurity was born not just from technical curiosity, but from a deep understanding that the digital world is an extension of ourselves, our interactions, and our dreams. With a master's degree in cybersecurity, he began his career as an ICT professor. He also worked as a programmer and analyst for companies in the sectors of banking, insurance, and technology.  Throughout the whole of his academic and professional career, he has dedicated himself to comprehending the complexity of cyberspace and addressing the main challenges it faces, namely the developments in quantum computing and its implications to cybersecurity.   But beyond his technical skills, what really sets him apart is his ability to transform complex technical concepts into actionable and accessible products and solutions, as well as to inspire and unite people around a common vision of a safer cyber world. This path led him to found QuantumNova, a startup that has received one of the largest pre-seed investments in Portugal's history, solidifying his commitment and belief in the role of post-quantum cryptography in the construction of a safer cyberspace.

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André Grilo: Ready or Not - Rethinking Cybersecurity for a Post-Quantum World

André Grilo: Ready or Not - Rethinking Cybersecurity for a Post-Quantum World

Quantum technologies promise all kinds of fascinating possibilities, but they also come with risks. In this episode, André Grilo, founder and CEO of QuantumNova, talks about why we need to start investing in post-quantum cryptography to protect ourselves against post-quantum threats.

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