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Christian Kaufmann: To Serve the Board

Anastasiya Pak
Contributors: Christian Kaufmann


What it means to serve as a RIPE NCC Executive Board member has changed dramatically in the 12 years since Christian Kaufmann first took on the role. With recent years having seen organisational change, the pandemic, sanctions and war - the board is increasingly called upon to make decisions that impact not only the future of the RIPE NCC, but people's access to the Internet in countries across its service region.

In this episode, Anastasiya Pak talks to Christian Kaufmann - who stepped down from the board at RIPE 86 in Rotterdam - to find out how he first got involved 12 years ago, what changes he's seen since then, and what it takes to serve on the RIPE NCC Executive Board today.

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Show notes

01:15 – Watch Christian’s presentation at RIPE 86 where he talks about his time on the board and his decision to step down 

05:47 – RIPE NCC Strategy 2022-2026 and RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2022

06:40 – Axel Pawlik stepped down as RIPE NCC Managing Director in 2019

07:32 – Read more about how sanctions affect the RIPE NCC along with lots of other articles about sanctions on RIPE Labs

08:40 – The RIPE NCC Executive Board approved a resolution on provision of critical services at its meeting on 28 February 2022

11:08 – Hans Petter Holen took on the role of Managing Director of the RIPE NCC on 1 May 2020

11:43 – Ondřej Filip became the new RIPE NCC Executive Board Chair in September 2022

12:36 – RIPE NCC membership mailing lists

13:10 – At the time of publishing, you can still take the RIPE NCC survey 2023

14:35 – RIPE NCC Executive Board functions and expectations

18:54 – RIPE Atlas

20:45 – Sponsor RIPE Atlas

22:08 – Christian joined the ICANN Board of Directors in 2022


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Anastasiya Pak is the Marketing & Communications Officer at the RIPE NCC. Before joining the RIPE NCC, Anastasiya led the Communications Department at an international education NGO. She began her career as a TV journalist in Uzbekistan, covering international politics and diplomacy, UN discussions, and other topics related to international political and economic affairs. Anastasiya holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from the University of World Economy and Diplomacy and a Master's in Journalism, Media, and Globalisation from the University of Amsterdam.

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