Anastasiya Pak

Geoff Huston: Starlink and the Future of Low-Orbit Internet

Anastasiya Pak
Contributors: Geoff Huston


Starlink's megaconstellations deliver broadband Internet to customers around the globe. But while the tech promises to democratise Internet access, it's not always clear how existing protocols and regulations apply beyond the clouds. In this episode, Geoff Huston talks about the future of low-orbit Internet.

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Show notes:

02:20 - APNIC Labs Starlink measurements and Geoff’s podcast on LEOs and TCP

08:50 - Geostationary orbit

09:48 - Project Iridium

14:40 - Starlink

29:50 - See more from Geoff on measuring Starlink performance from his talk at RIPE 87

35:45 - Research on Starlink using RIPE Atlas

44:30 - Atmospheric nuclear testing in the 60s

45:00 - NORAD Database of satellites


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