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RIPE NCC Registration Services "Dry Run" For Last /10 Procedures

Andrea Cima
Contributors: Ingrid Wijte

The RIPE NCC will shortly reach a point where we have approximately one month's worth of IPv4 address space (approximately /10) to distribute before we reach the last /8. Once we reach this point, several adjustments will be made to our standard procedures, so the RIPE NCC decided to do a "dry run" to ensure that the process we designed works properly and provide an opportunity to iron out any flaws.

The dry run took place on 15 August 2012. In line with the revised procedures, IP Resource Analysts (IPRAs) worked in pairs to evaluate IPv4 requests and approvable requests were artificially delayed until the morning of the next day. By working in pairs, we can ensure that all requests are dealt with efficiently and further ensure fairness, consistency and transparency. By delaying approvals until the next morning, we can ensure that the requests are processed in the order in which they were received and track the amount of available space versus approvable requests. We also keep track of the status of different address pools, including address space previously held in quarantine.

The dry run was very successful and the RIPE NCC is feeling positive about the revised processes that will come into effect. We did not find any major flaws in the process and we are confident that we are prepared for the moment we reach the last month's worth of IPv4 address space before reaching the last /8.

Current amount of available IPv4 address space held by the RIPE NCC:

Read more about the phased process leading up reaching the last /8:


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