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RIPE NCC Report Form

Andrea Cima
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We would like to introduce the RIPE NCC Report Form. Our aim is to make it easier for you to get in touch and we also hope to further improve the quality of the data in the Internet number resource registry.


Discussions within the RIPE Anti-Abuse Working Group alerted us to the difficulties experienced when reporting incorrect information in the RIPE Database to Internet number resource holders, such as mail delivery failures due to incorrect contact information or no response from the relevant maintainer.

As we have a mandate from the RIPE community to keep an up-to-date and correct Internet number resource registry, we have produced a simple form that makes it easy for people to report these difficulties, along with other issues, to us. The reports are then directed to the appropriate contact point for further investigation, based on the information given by the reporter.

The form

Complaints about Internet number resource registrations fall into different categories. The categories you can choose from are shown in Figure 1 below.

Complain Categories

Figure 1: Report categories

In order to identify the organisation responsible for the Internet number resource registration, we ask you to enter an IP address, a range of IP addresses, an AS Number or the ID of an organisation object (as shown in Figure 2).

The relevant object will be displayed so that you can verify the entry is correct.

Relevant Internet Resource Figure 2: Relevant Internet resource

In the Report explanation field, we invite you to explain in detail the issue you would like to report. You can also provide any additional documentation you have that supports your claim (see Figure 3). Then, depending on the information you provide, we will get in touch with the relevant RIPE NCC member or third party in order to resolve the issue.

Report Figure 3: Free-text field and attachment uploader

Your details

If you select Incorrect contact information in the RIPE Database , we will forward the whole report form to the person responsible for the registration so that they can resolve the issue. The goal is to bring you in contact with them and to facilitate communication. We will then follow up on these reports with the person responsible for the registration.

If you select one of the other types of report, we may only forward the information you provide within the Report section; that’s the report type, the report explanation and any additional documents you upload. The contact information you enter in the Your details section (as shown in Figure 4) will only be used for your communication with the RIPE NCC and will not be made available to any third parties.

Your Details Section Figure 4: Your contact details


Once the report is complete, we will ask you to answer a security question and validate your report. This is to make sure we have a working communication channel with you before beginning any communication with third parties.

What happens next?

Upon receiving a report, we will confirm with you whether the complaint is something that we can investigate. We may contact you for further information. If no further information is needed, you will not hear from us again. We will take up the case with the person responsible for the registration or the infringement until we are satisfied that the situation has been resolved.

The first release of the form offers basic functionality. We will review the form, its usage and your feedback before deciding whether further development is needed in the future. We hope you find the form useful and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Please send these to .

Where is the form?

You can find the form by clicking on Contact anywhere on our website.

contact screenshot

Click here to go there now.

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