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Andrew Campling is Director of 419 Consulting, a public policy and public affairs consultancy focused on the tech and telecom sectors. He has nearly forty years of experience in a wide range of increasingly senior roles in a mainly business-to-business technology context, together with over a decade of non-executive experience. He is currently engaged in a number of initiatives linked to encrypted DNS and related developments.

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An Analysis of Responses to Mozilla’s Trusted Recursive Resolver Public Consultation

While it remains to be seen what conclusions Mozilla will reach after public consultation into their Trusted Recursive Resolver policy, their initial reaction to the input received has led to positive change. That said, a closer look at responses to the consultation shows more work is needed before…

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Understanding the European Resolver Policy

The European Resolver Policy is intended to provide reassurance to end-users and other stakeholders that personal data gained in the operation of DNS resolution services will not be misused. In this guest article, Andrew Campling talks about the aims and benefits of the policy.

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An Update on Developments with DNS-over-HTTPS

DNS-over-HTTPs (DoH) has come a long way, but there's still plenty of work to be done. Here's an update from Andrew Campling on developments in DoH.

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