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Andrew Campling is Director of 419 Consulting, a public policy and public affairs consultancy focused on the tech and telecom sectors. He has nearly forty years of experience in a wide range of increasingly senior roles in a mainly business-to-business technology context, together with over a decade of non-executive experience. He is currently engaged in a number of initiatives linked to encrypted DNS and related developments.

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• On Understanding the European Resolver Policy by Andrew Campling

With great timing to coincide with the presentation and discussion at the DNS WG today, AdGuard has confirmed that it has adopted the European Resolver Policy. See for more details.

• Reply to Daniel Karrenberg on Understanding the European Resolver Policy by Andrew Campling

“I cannot resist to point out that the privacy policy on the web site of this initiative says: 'Privacy Policy coming soon'.”

Hi Daniel Thank you for highlighting the omission. Human error, now fixed.

• Reply to Marco Hogewoning on Understanding the European Resolver Policy by Andrew Campling

“Hey Andrew, Thanks for this, appreciate the efforts here. What I was wondering, is there a direct link with the DNS4EU initiative as it was presented in the EU's Cybersecurity Strategy that was published late 2020, quoting from the document (JOIN/2020/18): "With a view to reducing security issues related to market concentration, the Commission will encourage relevant stakeholders including EU companies, Internet Service Providers and browser vendors to adopt a DNS resolution diversification strategy. The Commission also intends to contribute to secure Internet connectivity by supporting the development of a public European DNS resolver service. This ‘DNS4EU’ initiative will offer an alternative, European service for accessing the global Internet. DNS4EU will be transparent, conform to the latest security, data protection and privacy by design and by default standards and rules and form part of the European Industrial Alliance for Data and Cloud". Is this initiative seeking to be an implementation of this or could it be? Thanks, MarcoH (Manager Public Policy and Internet Governance, RIPE NCC)”

Hi Marco Thank you for your comments. With regards the EU Commission's DNS4EU initiative, there is no direct link between this and the European Resolver Policy, the latter of which comes from industry. However, it is entirely possible (and desirable in my view) that the DNS4EU initiative may specify that resolvers should adopt and be compliant with the policy in order to meet the criteria that you have quoted in your message. Would this have the support of RIPE? This is certainly a point that could be raised during the Commission's next HLIG meeting. Andrew

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