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I am the Chief Legal Officer at the RIPE NCC, responsible for all legal aspects of the organisation.

How Sanctions Affect the RIPE NCC

Ahead of next week’s RIPE Meeting, we thought it was worth looking at how sanctions have affected us over the past year or so, along with some of the steps we have taken in response.

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Caught in the Middle: Regulatory Impact and our Mission as the RIPE NCC

The increasing rate of conflicting regulatory developments across our service region has become a very real subject of concern for the RIPE NCC. In this article, Athina Fragkouli talks about the impact such developments have on our operations and the principles guiding the work being done to prepar…

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Artificial Intelligence and Policy-Making Developments – Council of Europe’s CAHAI

As the first in a series of articles aimed at exploring how policy-making institutions are reacting to challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), we look at how the Council of Europe seeks to examine the feasibility of a legal framework for the development, design and application of AI.

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How We're Implementing the GDPR: Legal Grounds for Lawful Personal Data Processing and the RIPE Database

In our third article on the GDPR, we’re looking at the legal basis for processing personal data in the RIPE Database when it refers to an individual resource holder or contact person. We will also outline the relevant obligations of the responsible parties.

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How We're Implementing the GDPR: The RIPE Database

We’ve heard feedback that there’s a lot of interest in the way personal data is processed in the RIPE Database and how it will be affected by the GDPR implementation. Spoiler alert: our assessment indicates that current operations are in line with the legislation.

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How We're Implementing the GDPR

This is the first in a series of articles we plan to publish on RIPE Labs over the coming weeks and months, each of which will provide details of any legal analysis we perform in the implementation of the GDPR in the RIPE Database, and any other RIPE NCC services.

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