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Join the IoT Hackathon Rotterdam 2019

Vesna Manojlovic
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The tenth RIPE NCC Hackathon takes on the Internet of Things (IoT)! Join us on 12-13 October 2019 in Rotterdam.

DATE AND TIME12-13 October 2019(Weekend before RIPE 79)09:00 - 22:00 CET
LOCATIONPostillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam NetherlandsView map

We are excited to announce our tenth hackathon! This time, the event is aimed at developing IoT technologies and providing a platform for the community to collaborate, experiment and sample possible IoT solutions.

We have decided to combine the hackathon with the next RIPE Meeting that will take place from 14-18 October, also in Rotterdam. You can find more details on the RIPE 79 website.


We have published one more article that lists "5 Reasons why the Internet of Things is for you – really!".

Why You Should Attend

Hackathons provide a great opportunity to develop new software or tools, meet others in your field, and exchange knowledge and experience with people other than your everyday colleagues.

We aim to develop utilities, ideas, sample code and possible solutions that will connect people from diverse communities: the RIPE IoT community, IoT enthusiasts, hardware hackers and security researchers, software developers and network operators.

By joining us, you can gain hands-on experience and exposure in developing sustainable IoT products, apps and services.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for participants that are passionate (or sceptical!) about IoT and want to work on real-life, practical projects. That means we’re looking for people from a variety of backgrounds. Applications are open for back-end and front-end developers, product owners, product managers, UX experts, innovators, security experts, people who like to hack connected "things", and more.

Hackathon Information

  • 16 July 2019: Applications open
  • 1 September 2019: First deadline for applications
  • 9 September 2019: Extended deadline for applications
  • 15 September 2019: First list of participants published
  • 1 October 2019: Introductory webinar for hackathon participants
  • 12-13 October 2019: IoT Hackathon in Rotterdam
  • 14-18 October 2018: RIPE 79 Meeting in Rotterdam
  • 11 November 2019: Results published as an article on RIPE Labs

The organisers will not be making any travel or accommodation arrangements for the participants. Food and drinks will be provided throughout the event on both days.

The event is free of charge - there is no fee to pay.

Please be aware that Rotterdam is a popular tourist destination, so accommodation might be difficult to find if you do not plan this in advance.

Public transport is very efficient, though, so staying further away from the city centre can be a good option. The hackathon venue is easily accessible. You can find more details on the WTC website.

If you need help to get a visa, we might be able to offer assistance and an invitation letter - please state this in your application.

On Sunday, 13 October, we will be having a dinner and social event at the local hackerspace, PixelBar. We will organise transport between the WTC and the social event venue.

Our hackathons are:

  • non-commercial; we are a not-for-profit organisation and have no monetary prizes
  • all resulting software and tools are released under non-commercial licenses
  • non-competitive; we prefer cooperation and teamwork

Before the event

Applicants can use the discussion mailing list, EtherPad and IRC to help plan collaborations. We will also organise an introductory webinar to the available data sets, tools and proposed projects, for the participants a week or two before the event.

To find out more about previous RIPE NCC Hackathons, you can read about the first six awesome hackathons, or check our repository of all relevant articles at

During the event

Participants will work in small teams, with each team focusing on a chosen project. All source code developed during the hackathon will be publicly licensed and available on GitHub, and accessible for the entire community to use. A variety of goodies will be provided for participating, including credits for RIPE Atlas, and the most interesting results will be promoted during RIPE 79.

At the end of the Hackathon

Since we want to focus on collaboration and not on competition, there will be no winner and no single prize. We will showcase all achievements during the closing session on Sunday afternoon, and the pre-celebration will take place already on Saturday evening.

  • Constanze Dietrich, Lexta Consultants Group
  • Sandoche Balakrichenan, IoT-WG co-chair
  • Jim Reid, IoT-WG co-chair
  • Matthias Wählisch, Freie Universität Berlin and RIOT
  • Mirjam Kühne, Community Builder, RIPE NCC
  • Vesna Manojlovic, Community Builder, RIPE NCC

Each of our previous hackathons has been supported by one or more sponsors. Sponsors help financially, logistically, and by demonstrating their support for Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS) tools development. As a sponsor, you will be promoted during the event, and in all of our communications (announcements, blogs posts, social media); and you will have that warm, fuzzy glow of supporting a community effort!
We are looking for financial support ranging from € 2,000 to € 20,000. We will spend your funds on hiring the location, providing food and drinks to the participants, providing partial travel grants to encourage participant diversity, T-shirts, good coffee, and a closing celebration (dinner and drinks). We prefer to NOT give material or financial prizes to participants, since this event focuses on collaboration, and not competition.

Previous hackathon sponsors include Comcast, Facebook, Akamai, ISOC, Euro-IX, DENIC, Afilias, ThousandEyes, Farsight Security, Juniper Networks.

Please contact if you are interested in sponsoring this hackathon.

Apply now to be part of the IoT Hackathon Rotterdam 2019
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Vesna Manojlovic is Community Builder at RIPE NCC. Vesna joined the RIPE NCC as a Trainer in 1999. In 2003, she took responsibility for developing and delivering advanced courses, such as RPSL, Routing Registry, DNSSEC and IPv6. In 2008, she lead efforts to establish IPv6 RIPEness as a measure of IPv6 deployment among LIRs. In 2011, she joined the Science Division as Manager of the Measurements Community Building team; in 2015 she moved to Communications Department as Senior Community Builder, with a focus on organising hackathons. Vesna gives presentations at many technical conferences and workshops, and enjoys visiting hackerspaces. Vesna received a Batchelor of Sciences Degree in Computer Science and Informatics from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. She has three children.

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