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I am an independent netizen, no longer working for the RIPE NCC, but still with the same meticulous interest in all things RIPE Database. I am a software developer and business analyst with almost 40 years experience as a 'C' language developer (and similar languages) working mainly on database and real time systems. From 2001 to 2015 I was a developer and then the business analyst for the RIPE Database with the RIPE NCC. During this time I took a holistic approach to the database system and have been involved in every aspect of it's design and development of the software, web services and infrastructure. I started to work on the RIPE Database the week after the RPSL version was deployed in April 2001. I have been heavily involved in two major re-writes of the software in 2004 (C code re-structuring) and 2012 (complete re-write in java). For the 2012 re-write I reverse engineered the C code to write the specifications for every part of the new java system to maintain the original functionality. I was also the lead developer in setting up the AFRINIC Database and migration of data from both the RIPE and ARIN Databases to populate it in 2005.

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Security and Trust in the Internet Routing Registries operated by the RIRs

Security and Trust in the Internet Routing Registries operated by the RIRs

14 min read

At the RIPE 69 meeting, the use of the RIPE Database as an Internet Routing Registry (IRR) and it's relationship with other IRRs was raised. But there hasn't been much discussion on options for the way forward since. Based on what was said at RIPE 69 and the few comments made on the mailing list, I…

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