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Fredrik is currently working at Netnod as a Security Expert in the Security Engineering team. His role is focused on internal processes, public policy development and the implications of policy on Netnod’s services. In 2021, Fredrik defended his PhD-thesis, Coordinating the Internet: Thought styles, technology and coordination. Prior to that, he worked as a systems engineer in the financial services sector with a focus on systems integration and replacement of dedicated communications networks and services for financial services over the Internet. Fredrik has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management with specialisation in Economic Information Systems and an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering.

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Security by Diversity: The Business of Security Through Diversity

With information security such a complex and fast-moving field, how can companies gather enough information to make informed decisions about what is right for their networks? What criteria should you look for, how do you evaluate systems, and how can you determine which methods will scale most effe…

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Security by Diversity: Designing Secure, Reliable and Robust Systems

A chain is not as strong as its weakest link, it can be much much stronger. In cybersecurity, the art of building secure systems from insecure but diverse components is an important but often neglected topic. Instead, processes, rigidity and structure are generally seen as the only way to attain se…

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