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I took my master's degree in Computer Engineering from Tor Vergata University in 2004, and started working with Namex shortly after. Since those early years I have supervised the technical and infrastructural development of the exchange point, firstly as a member of the technical staff and then, starting from 2008, serving as Chief Technology Officer with responsibility over the technical infrastructure and daily operations. Following my desire to stay in touch with technology I recently assumed the role of Chief Engineering Officer, taking on the responsibility for the development of Namex exchange platform and related services, hopefully helping Namex entering into its next-generation era. Beside networking, I have strong interests in software and systems engineering, object-oriented software design and programming, web and automation tools development.

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Hunting Routing Resources with IRRHound

Choosing the right IRR source list for each IXP participant is becoming a challenging task. But help is at hand! IRRHound assists in tracking routing resources across multiple IRR sources.

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