Hisham Ibrahim

Unveiling the RIPE NCC’s Quarterly Progress and Insight Reports

Hisham Ibrahim

In developing a framework for our quarterly community engagement reports series, my goal is to provide clarity and structure while delivering valuable insights to our community.

I have been working on developing a framework for my quarterly update series. The objective of this series is to provide valuable insights to our community, ensuring they are well-informed about our activities, progress, and decision-making processes. Through these reports, we aim to foster transparency, engagement, and continuous improvement.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from each report.

Pushing the Needle: (Q1 report)

The objective of this report is to showcase the various activities undertaken by the RIPE NCC to engage with our community. I will highlight the positive impact of these activities by presenting measurable outcomes and demonstrating how they contribute to the community's development and overall well-being.

Quantifying Quality: (Q2 report)

The objective of this report is to highlight the improvements made by the RIPE NCC based on feedback and needs assessments gathered from our various engagements. This report emphasises the importance of listening to our community and using their input to enhance the quality of our services. The report aims to provide specific examples and outcomes resulting from our feedback-driven approach.

Value-Driven Budgeting: (Q3 report)

The objective of this report is to highlight the RIPE NCC’s commitment to improving cost efficiency. I will demonstrate how we prioritise maximising value while effectively managing our resources. The report will showcase our efforts to optimise resource allocation, providing concrete examples of how we deliver value to the community.

Annual Retrospective: (Q4 report)

The objective of the final quarterly update of the year is to summarise the RIPE NCC’s key accomplishments throughout the year. I will report on how we measure our progress against our planning and discuss the overall impact of our endeavours. This report aims to help our community understand our overall trajectory, reflect on our achievements, and gain insights into our future direction.

By following this framework, we aim to provide a well-rounded understanding of our various community engagement activities, the decision-making processes behind them, and our commitment to their continuous improvement. We believe that transparency, accountability, and listening to the community are essential for building a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.


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Hisham Ibrahim Based in Dubai, UAE

Hisham Ibrahim is the Chief Community Officer at the RIPE NCC. He leads the RIPE NCC's engagement efforts to foster a dynamic, inclusive RIPE community. He is responsible for engagement with RIPE NCC members, the RIPE community, Internet governance and training services. Hisham is active on several committees in various Network Operator Groups (NOGs), peering forums, IPv6 task forces and forums across three continents.

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