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Hi, I'm Jacky. Located in the vast and beautiful north of Germany - also known as Schleswig-Holstein - I'm a network architect with a variegated background in IT Ops, SecOps and agile management. Currently, my main focus lies in developing IPv6 strategies and architecture for one of the largest German IT networks. I've been designing and running corporate IT infrastructure since 2012, after being introduced to Linux and the Chaos Computer Club in 2010. Since then I've been attending and part of organizing and running the Chaos Communication Congress and various smaller CCC events. I'm an IT professional by self-defense, because if it doesn't break around me, it probably never will.

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Relax, It’s Just Networking (and humans are just complicated machines)

Relax, It’s Just Networking (and humans are just complicated machines)

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With the next RIPE Meeting coming up, some of us might be dreading the networking we take ourselves to know less about: social networking. But its functions show inherent parallels to the base functions of computer networking. So accompany me to a deep dive on how the OSI layers relate to human com…

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