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A network engineer and cyber security enthusiast with extensive knowledge in designing, deploying and securing networks. Passionate about driving positive change in the telecommunications sector, Jad is currently serving as a Senior Public Policy Technical Advisor at RIPE NCC, the Regional Internet Registry serving Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. His role involves engaging in strategic policy developments and monitoring emerging technology trends. Jad also focuses on capacity building and community knowledge sharing through dedicated workshops and tailored activities for network operators, universities, law enforcement agencies, banking institutions and government regulators. Before joining the RIPE NCC, Jad was in charge of deploying IP networks for SMEs and service providers in the Middle East and Europe. His experience spans the networking domain, IoT and mobile access technologies.

Unlocking Digital Growth: The Role of IXPs in the Middle East

Unlocking Digital Growth: The Role of IXPs in the Middle East

4 min read

What does it take for an IXP to be successful? What requirements are these crucial bits of Internet infrastructure meant to fulfil? Do any of these questions have one-size-fits-all answers? A new report from the RIPE NCC explores all of the above and more in the context of Middle East IXPs.

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