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Our Code of Conduct at RIPE 83

Leo Vegoda
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The RIPE community recently reached consensus on a new Code of Conduct that will be in full effect at RIPE 83. Here's a very quick update on how this will work at our upcoming RIPE meeting.

The RIPE Code of Conduct covers all participation in RIPE, which means it applies equally to interaction over the Internet or in person. As such, it is in place now and will continue to be in place when RIPE 83 is over. That said, with the next RIPE Meeting just around the corner, here's a short update on how things will work there and what's next.

Trusted Contacts at RIPE 83

Everyone who takes part in RIPE 83 shares a responsibility to follow the code and should look after each other. However, if you feel that someone has behaved inappropriately towards you at the meeting, you can reach out to the Trusted Contacts.

Rob Evans and Vesna Manojlovic have kindly agreed to stay on as trusted contacts at RIPE 83. If you feel you have been subjected to behaviour contrary to the environment that the RIPE Meetings attempt to achieve, or if you have any other concerns, please contact them at trustedcontacts@ripe.net. They will provide support.

Code of Conduct Team

In the future, the task of handling breaches in the RIPE Code of Conduct will fall to the Code of Conduct Team. However, we have not yet completed the design for the new Code of Conduct Team, the process it will implement, and any support systems the RIPE NCC needs to provide.

We are using existing, tested designs to help us build a good start for ours. Among others, we have taken inspiration from:

We will continue to update you on our progress, and ask for input on recommendations when they are ready. In the meantime, we welcome your input. You can write to our publicly archived mailing list or contact us individually.

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