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Leo has been involved with the management of Internet Number Resources at ISPs, the RIPE NCC, and in ICANN's IANA team. He now runs a small business providing bespoke services to a number of Internet-space organizations, including Euro-IX, PeeringDB, and UKNOF. He is currently chairing RIPE's Code of Conduct TF.

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Updated Draft RIPE Code of Conduct

We are seeking the community’s feedback on our updated draft RIPE Code of Conduct. This article explains what has changed since we published our previous draft back in March.

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Code of Conduct Task Force - Spring 2021 Update

A Code of Conduct Task Force (CoC TF) was formed to update RIPE’s Code of Conduct and supporting processes following discussion at RIPE 80. The TF drafted an updated Code of Conduct and shared it with the community in March this year. This article presents the TF’s history, key feedback on the draf…

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