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The PeeringDB Survey 2020 - Results and Roadmap

Leo Vegoda
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With the results of the PeeringDB survey 2020 gathered and analysed, Leo Vegoda takes a look at how your feedback has helped the team build their roadmap for 2021.

Last November we asked you for input through our anonymous satisfaction survey, so we could use it to guide our product roadmap for 2021. Today, we are sharing what you told us through the survey and how we’ll be improving PeeringDB and your experience of it in 2021.

What You Told Us

We had over 200 responses to the survey. Respondents identified themselves as connected with organisations operating on every continent and in every part of our industry. 99% of respondents described themselves as very or somewhat satisfied with PeeringDB overall.

When we asked about specific service categories, we were told that Network Configuration Data and Search and Discovery capabilities were the most important. These service categories had lower, though still high, levels of satisfaction, with 95% and 96% of respondents describing themselves as very or somewhat satisfied with these aspects of PeeringDB.

Although we saw higher satisfaction with the User Experience and Web Interface, at 97%, this service category both had the most responses and the most divided feedback. One user described the current web interface as “clean and simple” while others said it was “showing its age.”

Documentation quality was also an area with lower specific satisfaction, at 93%. One comment homed in on a key problem, noting: "Needs a top-level overview document/intro. Or if it exists, I need to find it."

Roadmap 2021

We have used your feedback to guide our product roadmap for 2021. The four key focus areas will be:

  • Improving geographic search
  • Developing a structured framework for user documentation
  • Improving the web site’s responsiveness
  • Introducing a communications framework to alert users to developments and support future tooling

Our first steps to accomplish this have been to add database support for coordinates of facilities. All new facilities will be located by their latitude and longitude, with street addresses as human friendly search terms instead of authoritative data. This is a major project and we will share more on this work in a future blog post.

Another key change is the publication of our first HOWTO document. This document is designed to help new networks register with PeeringDB using our website. We will be publishing more documents in this series and developing a broader documentation framework to support API and web users equally.

If you have an idea to improve PeeringDB you can share it on our low traffic mailing lists or create an issue directly on GitHub. If you find a data quality issue, please let us know at support@peeringdb.com.

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Leo Vegoda Based in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Leo Vegoda is PeeringDB’s Product Manager. He was previously responsible for organizational planning and improvement in ICANN’s Office of the COO, and Internet Number Resources in the IANA department, as well as running Registration Services at the RIPE NCC.

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