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Leo Vegoda is PeeringDB’s Product Manager. He was previously responsible for organizational planning and improvement in ICANN’s Office of the COO, and Internet Number Resources in the IANA department, as well as running Registration Services at the RIPE NCC.

PeeringDB 2022 Product Report

Data quality and search were ranked most important by respondents to our last three user surveys. This update looks at improvements we have made to keep data quality high by improving automation, giving users better tools, and making it easier to find and export data in PeeringDB.

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PeeringDB’s 2021 User Survey Results and 2022 Product Roadmap

Last September we asked you for input so we could use it to guide our product roadmap for 2022. Last month we shared an update on what we delivered in 2021. Today, we're sharing what you told us through the survey and how we’ll be improving PeeringDB and your experience of it in 2022.

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