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Leslie Daigle has been working at the intersection of technology, business/economics and policy to drive effective change for more than twenty years. Always fascinated by the Internet’s technology, innovation and real world impact, she started her professional career working with Internet applications technologies for corporate commercial activities, and expanded to take on leadership roles within the premier Internet technology standardization organization, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Leslie is currently the Global Technical Officer at the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), furthering GCA’s development and deployment of global solutions that contribute to eradicating cyber risk. Leslie is the Principal at ThinkingCat Enterprises. She has attracted funding for projects focusing on advancing the Internet’s technology development and deployment through leadership and targeted activities coordinating action of interested Internet stakeholders. Leslie was previously the Internet Society’s first Chief Internet Technology Officer.

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Dealing with the Undercurrent of Unwanted Traffic

It’s common knowledge that there are “bad actors” on the Internet, poking and prodding open ports as they find them. But just how much of this “unwanted traffic” is out there, and how much is “too much” to allow out of a source network?

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