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IPv6 CPE Survey - Please Participate

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With all the feedback received after the last IPv6 CPE matrix we published, we have now developed a more detailed survey to compile the experience you have with the IPv6 capabilities of your Customer Premise Equipment. Please help other users by filling in this survey!

The IPv6 Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) matrix we published on RIPE Labs and updated a few times last year, proved to be quite popular and useful, both to vendors and users (please see the most recent update here: IPv6 CPE Survey - Updated (January 2011) ).

As announced earlier this year in The Future of the IPv6 CPE Survey - More Input Needed , we would like to receive more feedback on the IPv6 capabilities of currently available Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). This will make the evaluations of the CPEs and the information we publish in the IPv6 CPE matrix more useful.

With all the feedback we received (Thanks for that!), we developed a "proper" survey asking for your experience with the CPE you are using. This will provide us with some more statistical background on the techniques which are supported and more importantly we hope this will also provide some insight which are the most used.

The survey is located here:

Please take some time to complete the survey. We tried to make it not too technical or require information that can only be retrieved from the service provider side of the connection. A knowledgeable end user should be able to complete the survey. That way we are hoping to extend the target audience and the number of replies.

Following the IPv6 CPE matrix published earlier, the survey focuses on 3 basic questions:

  • What does the system claim to be capable of?
  • Which of these options are you using at the moment?
  • How good or easy to use are those features?

If you are running lab tests with different protocols, we kindly ask you to fill in the survey multiple times. This allows us to tie the user experience to the feature set that is in use.

We will try and make this an ongoing effort. From time to time we will provide an overview of the feedback received so far and update the survey to reflect changes that have taken place. So, please take the time to complete the survey again if something substantially changed, like new software versions or bug fixes.

Thank you in advance for participating in this community effort!



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