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• On How We're Implementing the GDPR: The RIPE Database by Athina Fragkouli

Hi Chris, At the moment someone may create both PERSON and ROLE objects. Regarding the question whether there's a requirement to provide personal email addresses in the RIPE Database, the second draft of the RIPE Database Task Force Requirements document actually refers to this, and the task force have asked for community input on this point. We encourage you to take a look at the draft (available here: and share any feedback you may have.

• Reply to Omer on How We're Implementing the GDPR: The RIPE Database by Athina Fragkouli

“I was wondering whether there was anyway to completely hide the ownership details of assigned blocks. Can, after official request by owner, the public db data be updated to change the name of the organization and contact details ? This is not about transfer of the blocks to another entity but simply a way to hide the organizations IP blocks from intelligence gathering for malicious reasons, specifically large scale DDoS attacks.”

Hi Omer, It is not possible to hide the name and contact details of a resource holder that received Internet number resources from the RIPE NCC. The reason these contact details are necessary for the RIPE Database is to ensure the smooth operation of Internet globally and transparency of the proper distribution of Internet number resources. Concerning the address space our members further distribute to their customers, it is their decision what objects to create in order to reflect this relationship in the RIPE Database. I hope the above clarifies your question. Maria Stafyla Senior Legal Counsel RIPE NCC

• On How We're Implementing the GDPR by Athina Fragkouli

Hi Alex, Thank you for your question. Contact details of the parties responsible for specific Internet number resources are essential for the smooth and uninterrupted operation of Internet and connectivity. One of the purposes of the RIPE Database is to facilitate communication between the people responsible for networks to address technical issues, allowing for quick coordination between operators that do not have a direct relationship. For more information on the purpose that justifies this type of processing of personal data in the RIPE Database and the responsibilities of the responsible parties, please refer to our second and third article on How We're Implementing the GDPR, available here: Kind regards, Maria Stafyla Legal Counsel RIPE NCC

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