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RIPEstat Live Demo #3

Mark Dranse
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This article summarises the third RIPEstat demo session that took place today, 22 March 2011. At the end of the article you can find the date of the next demo, and options for providing feedback.

For reference, please see summaries of the first demo and the second demo sessions. During this third demo many new features and additional modules were presented. Please also see the special page that has been set up to monitor the events around the earthquake in Japan.

New modules

5 new modules have been developed over the last four weeks:

  • AS/Prefix visibility
    • three different aggregation levels possible:
      • continent level
      • city level
      • probe level
  • AS path length
    • shows the AS path length recorded in different locations over the world
    • three values possible:
      • minimum (shortest AS path)
      • average (no prepending)
      • average (including AS prepending)
  • Origin AS history
    • shows which ASes have been announcing the prefix over time
  • Prefix Assignments/Allocation
    • shows the parent aggregation a prefix is in (allocation or assignment) and shows details about that

Improvements and new features

Other modules have been updated and the following new features have been implemented:

  • Each module now has a link to the methodology used for this particular module
  • Modules using RIS RIB data were extended to use a time frame of more than 10 years (in previous version we could only show 3 months of data)
  • Two new graph types have been included:
    • Line-map graph (used in the Origin AS History module)
    • Spider-map graph (used in AS Path Length module)
  • Each user query is getting profiled now
    • this allows getting detailed information about the time/performance of each individual query
    • provides a Reference ID that can be used when sending a comment or a question about this particular query
  • Blacklisting Information has been improved
    • it now shows 5 years of data (instead of 1 year)
    • bugs in the data presentation got fixed
  • Threaded comments at the bottom of the page
    • it is now possible to respond to a question or a comment which makes it easier to follow a certain thread
    • note that it only supports three levels of responses; more detailed discussions should take place on the mat-wg mailing list

Special feature page on earthquake in Japan

Under the News section on top of the RIPEstat page, you can now find a special feature page showing Internet events related to the earthquake in Japan . On this page you can see three graphs showing the impact of the earthquake on the Internet in Japan:
  • The effect on visible prefixes was quite low
    • visibility dropped 2% (not unusual)
  • The effect on the BGP path length
    • path is 0.2% longer (not unusual)
  • The amount of traffic over time
    • after the earthquake there was a significant drop in traffic
    • not sure if that's due to a lack of connectivity or just fewer people trying to get on the Internet
    • note that this data is taken from the Japan IXP

Questions and Answers

Q1: Which time frame is covered by the AS path length module?

A1: 1 week

Q2: Not clear what the intended use of the 'query option' is. Can I take the query and use it in another interface?

A2: Yes, that is possible. It will be possible for you to change the query format and stick it back into the interface (or a different one?). You can configure the values according to your needs.


As always, we invite your comments, questions and feedback on our demo session and itself.
The main place questions and discussions is the Measurement, Analysis and Tools Working Group: ."> .

You can also use one of the following channels:


The video of the demo is available from the RIPEstat page in small and large versions.

Future Demo

Our next demo is scheduled for 19 April 2011. The link will be announced on RIPE Labs closer to the date.

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