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What to Expect at RIPE 82

Martina de Mas
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We’ve put together several activities for you at RIPE 82. Here’s an overview of everything that’s going on, the tools we’ll be using, and why you should be at our next RIPE Meeting!

RIPE 82 is our third fully virtual RIPE Meeting and we’re excited to show you what’s in store.

What’s New on Meetecho

Based on the positive feedback received at RIPE 81, we decided to keep using Meetecho as our conference platform for RIPE 82. We’ve been working closely with the Meetecho team to implement some of your requests and, in general, to improve the platform.

Here are some new features you can explore at RIPE 82:

  • You can now ask a question using video. (And if you’re still waiting to get to the hairdressers, you can still ask a question using audio only ;) )
  • The Q&A system is built into the platform, so we no longer need to use an external service like
  • Search for fellow attendees by using the user search feature at the bottom of the participant list
  • Use emojis to your heart’s content in chats 👍
  • You can view the meeting plan directly within the platform.
  • Session Chairs can broadcast announcements to the entire room
  • Speakers can use preloaded slides instead of having to share their screens

Can’t wait to check it out? Join us on Friday, 14 May for an open testing session on Meetecho. The Tech Team will be available to answer your questions and help you out before the meeting.

The RIPE Meeting Team is here for you! ;)

If you want to know more about Meetecho features, troubleshooting and settings, read our participant guide.

Hello YouTube, Meet RIPE 82

In addition to Meetecho, you can watch the presentations live on the RIPE 82 website. Please note that there is no separate IRC channel. If you want to participate in the discussions and/or ask questions (whether in writing or using audio), you will have to register for the meeting and join Meetecho.

You asked, and we’ve made it happen. For the first time all the RIPE Meeting sessions will be also streamed on YouTube! The YouTube recordings will also be available after the meeting in the archives.

Did You Say Networking?

You might not be meeting your fellow attendees in person, but you can still network effectively:

  • SpatialChat: This is the virtual coffee break area and where all the RIPE 82 social events will take place. It’s open for the whole week and also the Friday before the meeting.

New on SpatialChat:

  • Each room has a group chat
  • The Stage: This is a room that can host up to 1,000 attendees and it works like a webinar, so only speakers can go onstage. We will use this room during the social events.
  • The YouTube streaming of the conference will be available in some of the rooms so you can keep networking while watching the presentations.
  • Locked Room: If you wish to have a private conversation with fellow participants, SpatialChat now provides the option to lock a room. Inform a member of RIPE NCC Staff at the Registration Desk on SpatialChat and they will provide you with a room and password.

Never used SpatialChat before? Join the SpatialChat testing session on Friday, 14 May so that you’re all set to network at RIPE 82!

Chillin' on Spatial Chat
  • The RIPE Networking App: You can schedule meetings with fellow attendees on the app, exchange messages and meet them virtually on the platform of your choice. You can also get in touch with the RIPE NCC staff.
  • Attendee list: View the list of attendees who’ve agreed to share their contact details here. You need to have a RIPE NCC Access account to contact them. The list will show a green tick mark next to the names of the people who have checked themselves in at the meeting. The check in option is available during the meeting week on your personal registration page.

Get Social

RIPE Meetings are not only about presentations and policy discussions. Here are some social activities we have for you throughout the week:

  • CyberSecurity Challenge: Would you like to put your hacking skills to the test? Help us get back access to our infrastructure by competing in the RIPE 82 Cybersecurity Challenge. The Challenge will open on Monday, 17 May and will close on Friday, 21 May.
  • Meet the RIPE Chair Team and the RIPE NCC Executive Board: Wrap up Day One of the meeting with an informal get together with fellow attendees, the RIPE Chair Team and the RIPE NCC Executive Board on SpatialChat.
  • Wanna be a RIPEstar?: Do you have a hidden talent? Has the lockdown helped you polish a skill you always wanted to master? Let your talent shine at the RIPE Dinner on Thursday, 20 May.
  • Kahoot quizzes: Test your knowledge with quizmaster Gerardo Viviers daily at 12:45 (UTC+2)!
  • Event bag: Our sponsors have put together a goodie bag for you! Make sure you claim it along with the designs of the RIPE 82 t-shirt and mask.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Mentoring Programme: RIPE Meetings can be very overwhelming, even in a virtual format. We feel it is important that everyone feels welcome and is comfortable participating. At RIPE 82 we have matched 20 pairs of mentors and mentees. We hope to meet all of them at the Mentoring Meet-up on Friday, 14 May on SpatialChat.
  • Online Childcare: Hacking isn't just for adults, but first you need to learn how to code. We've put together a fun and intuitive game for your little ones (age 4+) to keep them occupied while you attend the meeting. We even have a snazzy t-shirt for your little engineers!

First RIPE Meeting?

We have some extra activities designed especially for newcomers to help them learn more about the RIPE community and how to participate in a RIPE Meeting.


We love meeting attendees, and if you want to meet our staff or learn more about our services, take a look at what’s planned.

  • RIPE NCC Services Desk: Do you have a question about an ongoing or upcoming request? Would you like to better understand RIPE policies and RIPE NCC procedures? Do you need assistance with the RIPE Database or RIPE Atlas? Do you want to share feedback about our services? Visit the RIPE NCC Services Desk on SpatialChat!
  • Meet the RIPE NCC Executive Board: The RIPE NCC Executive Board will be available to chat about anything you want to know regarding the RIPE NCC and its operations on Monday, after the sessions, on SpatialChat
  • RIPEstat’s New UI: Join the RIPEstat team on Meetecho on Wednesday, during the lunch break, to have a first look at the new UI followed by a Q&A session on SpatialChat.
  • RIS JAM: Thursday, from 15.30 until 18:00 on SpatialChat. Meet the team operating the RIS service, following on from the presentation on RIS in the Routing Working Group.

To make the most out of the meeting, we recommend that all participants register for RIPE 82 in advance. This way you’ll receive all the links and login information that you need to participate in all these activities. (A small side note on registration - we’ve moved our meeting registration system to the AWS cloud, and of course we published an article about that too!)

Excited? You can read more about the sessions at RIPE 82 in this article by RIPE Chair Mirjam Kühne. Also, take a look at the meeting plan to know when your favourite sessions and events are scheduled, and save them to your calendar.

Keep up with everything that’s happening through the RIPE 82 website. Follow us on Twitter @ripemeeting and #RIPE82 for live updates. You can also follow the RIPE 82 event page on Facebook or subscribe to the ripe list.

Looking forward to seeing you all online!

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