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RIPE Chair Team Reports - Looking Forward to RIPE 87

Mirjam Kühne
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With our next RIPE Meeting one week from now in Rome and various other industry events taking place, this is a busy time for the community. The RIPE Chair team reports ahead of RIPE 87.

Preparing for RIPE 87

There is only one more week before the RIPE 87 Meeting in Rome and I hope to see many of you there, either in person or online. The agenda is almost finalised. You can see the programme for each session when you click on the individual sessions on the RIPE 87 Meeting Plan.

Local hubs

For the first time, we will have a number of local hubs during the RIPE Meeting. That means people will come together in one location to participate in the meeting together. This will allow participants to experience some of the RIPE community spirit even if they cannot be at the RIPE Meeting in person.

RIPE Code of Conduct Team

I am pleased to announce that we found two more volunteers to the join the RIPE Code of Conduct Team. Some of the team members will be at RIPE 87 in person, others will participate remotely. The idea is to continue to add more members to the team so that not everyone needs to be involved in each meeting. You can find more about the RIPE Code of Conduct and how to report violations on the RIPE 87 Code of Conduct web page.

NRO NC elections

In the RIPE region, there are currently two seats to fill on the NRO Numbers Council. One council member will be appointed by the RIPE NCC Executive Board and the other one will be elected during the RIPE Meeting. In preparation for this upcoming election, the community reviewed the election process and agreed a number of improvements, mostly related to the candidate and the voter eligibility criteria. The new document has reached consensus and will be published as a RIPE document in time for the elections to take place.

Pre-RIPE 87 student event

Again, we organised an event targeted at students who might be interested to join the RIPE community. The event took place on 14 November online and featured a number of interesting presentations by former RACI fellows, academics and other community members. We still have some free RIPE 87 meeting tickets available for students. You have to be quick - the deadline is 22 November!

Industry events

October and November are always busy months, and in addition to preparing RIPE 87, we also participated in a number of events:


ICANN 78 Panel

During the ICANN 78 meeting in Hamburg, Germany, I was invited to be a speaker on apanel discussion to celebrate ICANN's 25th anniversary. During my speech I highlighted the work of the IP address community prior to the creation of ICANN and the importance to involve established communities and processes.

IETF 118 Meeting

Being at the IETF 118 meeting in Prague, Czechia, was a great opportunity for have inspiring and constructive conversations and to continue to build relationships between the IETF and the operators community. In addition to that, I was invited to participate in the outreach programme the Internet Society organises for public policy makers. In my session, I described the Internet Registry System, the status of the IPv6 deployment and the role of the RIPE community in coordinating network operations.


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