Mirjam Kühne

The RIPE Chair Team Reports - April 2023

Mirjam Kühne
Contributors: Niall O'Reilly

RIPE 86 is getting closer and preparations are already in full swing. In this update, we take a look at the work happening this month across the RIPE Working Groups, ongoing developments in RIPE governance, recent industry events, and more.

RIPE 86 Meeting


The meeting plan for RIPE 86 in Rotterdam has been published, and looking at the current registration numbers, we're expecting another full meeting. You can still register to attend the meeting either in person or online.

Thanks to everyone who already submitted a proposal for presenting at RIPE 86, either in the plenary or one of the working group sessions. Despite the many good submissions received, the programme committee decided to extend the deadline to 16 April. So, there is still an opportunity to send a presentation proposal.

RIPE Working Group co-chairs

As you can see on the WG pages, at almost every RIPE Meeting, terms for some of the co-chairs end, which means we are usually on the lookout for new co-chairs. This time we are looking for a co-chair for the IoT WG, the Routing WG, and the Database WG. We're working with the RIPE NCC on a set of training modules that will describe the tasks of a chair, including moderation, time keeping, consensus building and the policy development process. In the meantime, you can find the relevant information in the Guide for RIPE WG Chairs.

Ongoing RIPE community activities

The RIPE community is busy preparing for the upcoming RIPE Meeting with activities in almost all WGs. Here is a non-exhaustive selection:

Current IP address policy proposals

The discussion phase for the following two policies has ended. More information about the next steps will be shared on the Address Policy WG mailing list shortly.

A new policy proposal has been submitted to the RIPE NCC Services WG:

You can find more information on the Current Policy Proposal webpage. The Address Policy WG is also continuing their review of the IPv6 policy. You can find a summary of the interim WG session in this RIPE Labs article by Leo Vegoda, one of the Address Policy WG co-chairs. This article also contains details about a second interim session that will take place on 11 April.

Cooperation WG: EU Consultation on Digital Infrastructure

The small task team set up by the Cooperation WG held weekly conference calls and started collating arguments and data to formulate a draft response to a public consultation published by the European Commission on 'The future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure’. This draft response will be published to the WG prior to its submission. You can find more information in this mail sent to the RIPE List.

DNS Task Force

The DNS Resolver BCP Task Force had a conference call and the members of the team are now working on the various sections of the draft BCP document described in their charter.

RIPE Governance

In addition to all this good work taking place in the various working groups, we also continue to work on RIPE governance.

RIPE NomCom recommendations

As reported earlier, the previous RIPE Nominating Committee included a number of recommendations in their final report. The documents related to the RIPE Chair selection process and the responsibilities of the NomCom have been updated accordingly. The NomCom had also suggested to document community consensus about remunerating the RIPE Chair the RIPE Chairs. This document is currently in Last Call. It is expected to be published as RIPE document before RIPE 86.

The RIPE Code of Conduct

The RIPE Code of Conduct reporting document and the document describing the selection of the Code of Conduct team went through a Last Call and will be published as RIPE documents shortly. In the meantime we issued a call for volunteers. If you are interested to join this team, please read the information on the RIPE website and fill in the form linked from this page. If you have any questions about the tasks and responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us at chair-team@ripe.net.

You can keep track of ongoing RIPE community activities together with their status and calls for action. This does not include all activities initiated in the various RIPE working groups.

Industry Events

Open House Ukraine


I participated in the RIPE NCC Open House about the Internet in Ukraine. This session was very well attended and we had a lively discussion with many speakers from inside and outside Ukraine. It was especially interesting, but also heartbreaking how operators are working to keep the network up and running and how they are dealing with the increased number of cyber attacks in addition to physical attacks on the ground. The session was not recorded, but I recommend you to look at the slides and other documents published on the website.

RIPE NCC Executive Board meeting #165

On 23 - 24 March, I attended the RIPE NCC Executive Board meeting and reported back from the RIPE community. The minutes will be published shortly.

IETF 116

I participated as much as possible remotely in the IETF 116 that took place in Yokohama last week. During their regular open meeting, the Internet Architecture Board focussed this time on topics related to energy consumption with a summary of the IAB Workshop on Environmental Impact of Internet Applications and Systems and a presentation talking about a carbon-neutral public core of the Internet. It was suggested that the IAB might set up a project to look at the economic impact of energy measurements and tradeoffs. Maybe this is something we want to also consider in the RIPE context?

INEX Meeting

Niall attended the INEX meeting that took place in Dublin on 30 March. In addition some management and technical updates, there were a number of presentations related to proposed EU and national regulations. Rudolf van der Berg of Stratix Consulting presented on the EU Debate on an Internet Tax which is also a topic that concerns the RIPE community as a whole (see the work currently done in the Cooperation WG). It was also good to see an update on recent developments in RPKI presented by Mikhail Puzanov of the RIPE NCC.


SEE 11

This week I am participating in the South East Europe (SEE) 11 meeting in Split, Croatia. This is the first time I am at an SEE meeting in person since the very first SEE meeting that took place in 2011 in Dubrovnik. I am really looking forward to engage with the local community.

Finally I would like to wish you all a good spring and I hope to see many of you at the RIPE Meeting in May.


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