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The RIPE Chair Team Reports - April 2024

Mirjam Kühne
Contributors: Niall O'Reilly

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With a May RIPE Meeting closing in fast, and plenty of recent developments in community activities and Internet governance, the RIPE Chair Team reports on all the major goings on this April.


The RIPE 88 Meeting in Krakow is only a little over a month away. The Programme Committee selected some interesting presentations for the plenary and also the working group agendas will be published on the website as soon as they are finalised.

Safety and accessibility

Following up from suggestions made at RIPE 87, RIPE NCC staff paid extra attention to safety and accessibility at the venue and in Krakow. You can find more information on the RIPE 88 website. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know at the bottom of the article or send feedback directly to the RIPE Chair Team.

Online student event

For the fifth time now, we're organising an online event primarily targeted at students to draw their interest to the important and exciting work the RIPE community is doing. Students taking part will hear - in conversation with a group of diverse speakers all working toward the good of the Internet in different ways - just what kinds of challenges are involved in keeping today's Internet up and running, and what problems are going to need solving in the coming years with the help of fresh, new points of view. More details on the event will be available soon in the parallel events section on the RIPE 88 website, so do look out for that!

The Code of Conduct Team

Again, we will have a qualified code of conduct team at the meeting and online. Details on their role and how you can reach out to them are available in the code of conduct section on the RIPE 88 website.


We're aiming to expand the team and continue to look for additional team members, so if you or someone you know would be interested in getting involved, please go take a look at how code of conduct team members are nominated and appointed.

Call for volunteers for RIPE WG Chairs

At RIPE 88, the terms of a number of WG co-chairs will end. The following WGs are currently in the process of looking for new volunteers:

  • Address Policy
  • Anti-Abuse
  • Connect
  • Cooperation
  • Database
  • DNS
  • IoT
  • IPv6

If you have any questions before volunteering for such a role, please do not hesitate to contact the respective WG chairs or the RIPE Chair Team. For more information about the role of a WG chair, please also see the RIPE WG Job Description and the new training modules for RIPE WG chairs.

RIPE community activities

Since our last update, there has been quite some activity on a number of working group mailing lists:

  • Address Policy: The co-chairs of the Address Policy WG announced the Concluding Phase for policy proposal 2023-04 which ended on 9 April. The policy proposal 2023-04 has since been accepted and published as ripe-822.

  • RIPE Database: The RIPE NCC proposed to the RIPE Database WG to add "sponsoring-org:" to the list of inverse query attributes. This proposal received a lot of support and will now be implemented.

  • Anti-Abuse: The co-chairs of the Anti-Abuse WG are seeking input on the future of the WG. The input received so far indicates that the members of the WG would like to have this WG continue with possibly changing the name and updating charter. This discussion is expected to continue during RIPE 88.

After another feedback round from the RIPE community, but also other groups such as OARC and the IETF, the RIPE DNS Resolver BCP Task Force is finalising their report which will be published in due course.

Please also note the regular updates the RIPE NCC sends on the RIPE Cooperation WG in relation to public consultation by the EU or any other public policy activities relevant to the RIPE community. In this context, I would also like to draw your attention to the page that lists all RIPE NCC contributions to external consultations.

Internet Governance

This year sees a lot of activities and events related to Internet Governance and the future of multistakeholder collaboration:

  • The Zero Draft of the UN Global Digital Compact has been published and is receiving a lot of attention. It will be interesting to follow the developments and see how feedback provided by various stakeholders, including the technical community will be incorporated. One concern raised by many is the proposal to create new UN bodies and fora which could lead to duplication and fragmentation of discussions related to Internet Governance.

  • Netmundial+10 will take place in Sao Paulo in April 2024. This marks the tenth anniversary of the Netmundial event, which came up with an important statement agreed by various stakeholders who came together for this Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of the Internet.

  • The Internet Governance Forum (IGF 2024) will take place in Riyadh in December 2024.

We are lucky that the RIPE NCC follows many of these developments closely and keeps the RIPE community up to date (primarily on the Cooperation WG mailing list).

Industry events

  • The German Ministry for Digital and Transport together with the IGF Germany organised a Multistakeholder Dialogue that I attended remotely. Two items were on the agenda: Preparations for Netmundial+10 and the Zero Draft of the GDC.

  • The European University Institute organised a consultation session to gather input on the GDC. Many organisations from civil society and human rights groups as well as technical organisations including the RIPE NCC provided feedback and concrete suggestions how to improve the next version of the GDC.

Upcoming events

Both Niall and myself will be at the SEE 12 Meeting in Athens in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of EARN. Niall - who came to RIPE through his technical activity in EARN - will present during the EARN meeting and will also be on a panel during the SEE meeting. I will give an update of developments in the RIPE community during the opening session.

After the RIPE 88 Meeting, I am planning to attend TNC 2024 and EuroDIG 2024 where I am invited to participate in a panel discussion during the opening plenary.


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