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Updates to the RIPE Database Query API and Search Clients

Paul Palse
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Since the first announcement of the RIPE Database Query API, some changes and additions have been implemented. They are described in this article.

It's a few weeks since the RIPE 60 meeting and we deployed some changes and additions to the RIPE Database Query API and search client forms. Some of these were proposed to us during the meeting. 

Improvements made

We added a menu system to the search forms for easy navigation between the RIPE Labs site and the various search pages.  

New features added 

Reference to KEY-CERT object added

We have received frequent requests to link to KEY-CERT objects from the referencing object when queried. 

Both the search forms, look-up form and RESTFul Query Web Services now reference the KEY-CERT object where applicable.

For example:

On the look-up form at , try searching for the "mntner" ELVIS-MNT or PKXG-MNT. You will notice that the auth: attribute has become a link to the corresponding KEY-CERT object.

End of line comments are separated from the values

End of line comments preceded by a # are no longer appended to the attribute value. There now is a separate normalized "comment" attribute in the xml schema.

For example:

When using the look-up form to find the PKXG-MNT maintainer the auth: attribute value reads "PGPKEY-DA277674#Hostmaster".

When looking at the XML schema one can see that the comment has been separated from the value of the attribute:

   <attribute name="auth" 

As usually, we appreciate your feedback.

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