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Pedro da Silva Vaz works as a Trainer and Graphics Animator at the RIPE NCC. In his role as Trainer, Pedro delivers all the training courses in the RIPE NCC’s Training Services portfolio, including IPv6, LIR and and BGP courses. While in the office, Pedro manages the RIPE NCC Academy (the RIPE NCC’s e-learning platform), and is responsible for creating the graphic content used in the training material, such as videos and animations. Pedro holds a Master’s degree in Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, and a Diploma in Web Design from the SAE Institute, Amsterdam. Before joining the RIPE NCC’s Training Services, Pedro worked as a Software Engineer for RIPE NCC, developing and maintaining internal and external applications. Prior to that, he worked as a software developer for other internet businesses.

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