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Refreshing the RIPE Meeting Websites

Phillip Oldham

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The RIPE NCC Web Services team is embarking on an exciting new project to transition future RIPE Meeting sites to a new platform. Here, we cover more details and ask for input from the community.

Since the inaugural RIPE Meeting in Amsterdam on May 22, 1989, the RIPE NCC has been a hub for community engagement, providing essential details about these gatherings. From RIPE 58 onwards, individual websites have been dedicated to each RIPE Meeting, managed and maintained by the RIPE NCC.

However, as technology and user expectations continue to evolve, it's crucial that these platforms evolve with them to best serve the community and the wide variety of website visitors.

Responding to this challenge, the Web Services team is embarking on an exciting new project as outlined in the Activity Plan and Budget 2024. We are in the initial stages of transitioning future RIPE Meeting sites to a new platform, one that has already proven successful with and

What do we want to achieve?

Improved accessibility and usability

Building upon the successes of, we're committed to implementing responsive design for seamless mobile access, improving readability, and ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies. These enhancements will create a more inclusive and user-friendly experience for all community members and attendees.

Improved security

By migrating to a well-tested and trusted platform, we aim to fortify the security of our websites, which are often targeted by automated vulnerability scanners and other malicious actors. Through tailored security protocols, we'll bolster protection for user data and privacy, mitigating common exploits.

Improved CfP process

Our new tech stack offers opportunities to integrate more efficient tools, providing scope to replace our current Call for Papers (CfP) system with an industry-standard, well-supported alternative. This shift aims to simplify both submission and administration processes.

Reduced costs and overheads

Aligning our tech stack with other systems managed by Web Services presents an avenue for cost savings and operational efficiency. By reducing reliance on third-party tools and streamlining maintenance, we anticipate long-term financial benefits for the RIPE NCC. Additionally, improved flexibility will reduce overheads when developing integrations with other RIPE NCC systems, allowing us to more easily enhance the platform with new features and functionality for attendees.


Developing a platform capable of hosting multiple RIPE Meeting websites lays the groundwork for hosting sites for other meetings and events managed by the RIPE NCC. This standardisation promises recurring benefits for the community over time.

We need your input

Your voice matters! We're eager to hear from the community about your experiences and preferences. Have you encountered any challenges with previous RIPE Meeting websites? Is there something you'd love to see incorporated into the new platform? Your feedback will shape the future of these essential resources.

You can submit your thoughts via this feedback form, or you can speak directly with me at the upcoming RIPE 88 Meeting.


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