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I am a research engineer in the R&D department at RIPE NCC. I am interested in internet measurements, internet outages, data analysis, and cybersecurity. Prior to joining RIPE NCC, I defended my Ph.D. in cyber-security at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands.

CAPIF 2: The Road to Interconnection

From 19-20 September, network operators, local IXPs, peering coordinators, Internet researchers and government officials will meet at CAPIF 2 to build a more diverse interconnection environment in Central Asia, Iran, and beyond. To prepare, we’ve been examining changes in local interconnection and …

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Intercept and Inject: DNS Response Manipulation in the Wild

In November 2021, Internet users from Mexico lost access to and By the time the event was reported, the underlying problem had already gone unnoticed for quite some time. Here, we present key takeaways from our analysis of the event - carried out with RIPE Atlas - and we …

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The Curious Case of Packets From ::

RIPE Atlas has a large enough footprint all over the world to observe various kinds of network behaviour. Recently we've been notified about a case where the IPv6 source address ::/128 appeared in some of our traceroutes. We set out to discover why this happens.

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