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I work for Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. as Research Fellow, looking at all aspects of the DNS protocol and also the operation of the F-root server. I'm the co-chair of the IETF Homenet Working Group, and a member of the ICANN RSSAC Caucus. Before ISC, I was a Senior Researcher at Nominet, the .uk domain registry.

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Researching F-root Anycast Placement Using RIPE Atlas

Researching F-root Anycast Placement Using RIPE Atlas

5 min read

In order to expand the reach of F-root, one of the 13 root servers, we at ISC looked at where queries to our F-root servers are coming from and where it would make most sense to place new nodes. As a first step, we looked at the existing nodes to see how they behave and if there is anything we can …

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