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Rogier Spoor, manager at SURFnet and innovator pur sang. During his student days in 1997, co-founder of the traveling DNA lab that was subsequently adopted nationally. At SURFnet, in 2004 Rogier developed SURFids, a distributed detection system that was an international success. In addition, Rogier has been at the cradle of SURFnet's own 'dropbox' service, Filesender service, DNSsec initiative, IPv6 adoption and IaaS service development. Rogier is currently focussing on the international development and adoption of Let's Connect! an open source VPN solution. Rogier is chairman of the HoneyNED foundation, in which security experts from Dutch organizations work together. Board member at the Commons Conservancy, a software governance body.

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Let's Connect! Easy to Install and Secure VPN Software that Respects your Privacy

Going online on unknown Internet hotspots - whether at a restaurant, an airport or in a restaurant - isn't actually very safe or secure for users. This is due to the open character of hotspots which makes it easy to impersonate legitimate hotspots and eavesdrop on traffic - or even serve malware. T…

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