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Introducing RIPE NCC::Educa

Sandra Brás
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The RIPE NCC is launching a new way for our members and the RIPE community to dive-deep into a topic without leaving their computer.


RIPE NCC::Educa bridges the gap between a full-day training course and a one-hour webinar. It’s an online learning event that brings industry experts together to share insight, expertise and best practice with those that want more in-depth knowledge on a particular subject. 

Join us on 5 October 2017 for RIPE NCC::Educa: RIPE Atlas

RIPE NCC::Educa is a natural next step in the RIPE NCC’s e-learning offering. We’d love to give courses to all 17,000 members face-to-face, but with limited time and resources we need to think outside the box! Webinars give our members the chance to learn about the RIPE NCC and how to use our services with just their laptop and an Internet connection. Our webinars are fully booked as soon as we announce them, so given the extremely high demand, we knew we were on the right track. Think of RIPE NCC::Educa events as a series of webinars on the same subject matter, all delivered on the same day. 

RIPE NCC::Educa: RIPE Atlas focuses on four topics:  

  1. RIPE Atlas and Internet Exchange Points
  2. RIPE Atlas and DNS
  3. Tools and Software using RIPE Atlas
  4. RIPE Atlas and Security

You will learn about the future plans for RIPE Atlas, and if you are not familiar with what it is, don’t miss out on the first part, where we give a short introduction to what RIPE Atlas is.

Our experts include RIPE NCC staff at the heart of RIPE Atlas, as well as guest speakers from the RIPE community that will share their own experience and best practices. The presentations will be practical, easy-to-follow and interactive. If you have questions during the event, ask them! We are there to help you.

Register! Don’t miss out on this experience.

You can participate for the entire day or just the topics you’re most interested in. Check out the agenda and register. Log in for the sessions that interest you the most.


RIPE NCC Webinars

RIPE NCC Webinars are incredibly popular and we get great feedback from participants. We are constantly updating and expanding our webinar portfolio. We offer six webinars and host one each week:  

  • Webinar for New LIRs 
  • Introduction to the RIPE Database
  • RIPE Database Advanced Topics
  • IPv6 in the RIPE Database
  • IPv6 Addressing Plans

Each hour-long webinar offers participants a quick, easy way to gain practical knowledge without taking too much time from their busy schedules. We make use of demonstrations and exercises to promote critical thinking and learning. The participants are able to ask questions and make comments about the explanations.

Take your learning to the next level with RIPE NCC Academy

For those that want their knowledge certified, we offer the RIPE NCC Academy. Our virtual learning environment lets you follow online courses at your own pace and become certified in a particular area of expertise. We offer three courses: LIR, RIPE Database Expert, and Introduction to IPv6. 

Enrolment is free and open to all.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us []

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About the author

Sandra Brás Based in Amsterdam

Sandra has worked as a Trainer at the RIPE NCC since March 2008. In this role, Sandra delivers face-to-face training courses and Webinars on topics such as IPv6 and Routing Registry throughout Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. Recently, Sandra became responsible for the RIPE NCC E-Learning. Sandra holds a Master's degree in Training and Technology for Education from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and a Master's degree in E-Learning Pedagogy from the Open University, Portugal. Before joining the RIPE NCC Sandra participated in an Internship Programme for Graduates at the European Commission in the area of European competitions and Human Resources. Between 2004 and 2007, she was employed by the Portuguese Navy Ministry as a trainer and worked with several organisations as a freelancer in education and training.

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