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Massimiliano "Max" Stucchi runs AS58280, an Autonomous System that's primarily used to perform measurements and gather more information about how the Internet works. In his recent past, he worked at Internet Society and RIPE NCC, while previously he established an ISP and WISP in Northern Italy. He also helps run CHIX ( and, two smal internet exchange points, and volunteers as programme committee member in the RIPE PC, Euro-IX Forum PC, DKNOG and SWINOG. Originally from Monza, Italy, he is now based near Zürich, Switzerland, where he is still learning Swiss-German.

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A BGP Side Effect of RPKI

A BGP Side Effect of RPKI

10 min read

The BGP communities attribute, which usefully enables network operators to signal specific requests or information to nearby ASNs, also lets them signal RPKI status. But should they? Max Stucchi investigates the propagation of RPKI information in BGP communities.

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