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Youth IGF change-makers provide coverage of the hottest digital issues and events globally. We share the voice of young leaders on policies and governance, with a focus on online safety, cybersecurity skills and digital cooperation. Our opinions are drafted by young professionals from the Youth IGF community from more than 35 countries. Founded by Yuliya Morenets.

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ITU and Digital Impact on Everyday Life - A Conversation with Tomas Lamanauskas

In conversation with Youth IGF leaders from across the world, Tomas Lamanauskas - Deputy Secretary General of the ITU - heard young people’s input on his three main priorities: connectivity, sustainability and cooperation with partners to make the ITU an organisation fit for the times we live in.

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The Human Face of Cybersecurity

The Youth IGF is a global movement of young activists, up to the age of 35, who operate as a multi-stakeholder network to lead projects aimed at tackling a wide range of Internet governance issues. In this article, Yuliya Morenets gives an overview of the Youth IGF's recent report on the human face…

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Who Protects You from Cyber Villains?

This is the first in a small series of articles published in collaboration with the Youth IGF and In this article Joanna Kulesza, a former RACI fellow, talks about DNS abuse victims, shows us a definition of DNS Abuse and explains why this type of online threat cannot be solved so…

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