The RIPE Labs Article Competition - RIPE 87

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The RIPE Labs article competition is back again! Have something interesting to say about the past, present, or future state of the Internet? Tell your story on RIPE Labs and win a chance to join us at RIPE 87 this November in Rome.

Everything you need to know about the competition, including a more specific list of what we look from the best RIPE Labs articles, is available on the RIPE Labs Competition Rules page.

If you're eligible to enter and you have an idea for an article you’d like to put forward, it's time to get to work. All articles submitted to the competition will go through the usual RIPE Labs review process. When you're ready to send us your entry, just remember to tick the box indicating you'd like this article to be considered for the competition entry before you click to submit it for approval.

We'll stop taking new entries on 15 October at 23:00 (local Amsterdam time). If you're looking for inspiration, you can see entries from the previous competitions here and here. Good luck!

Extended DNS Errors: Unlocking the Full Potential of DNS Troubleshooting

Yevheniya Nosyk

The Domain Name System (DNS) has traditionally relied on response codes to signal anomalies, but they are of little help to precisely identify the root causes behind failures. In this article, we examine the new Extended DNS Errors (EDE) mechanism that provides extra feedback on DNS resolutions.

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Opinion: AWS Sets the ROI Benchmark for IP Addresses

Vincentas Grinius

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the value of IP addresses has surged to the forefront of discussions. Over a month ago, Amazon Web Services (AWS) made a pivotal announcement, reshaping the IP address pricing landscape.

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A Carbon-Aware Internet with the Green Web Foundation

Using real-time data about electricity around the world, we annotated network connections with carbon-intensity. With this information, any digital infrastructure provider can move their compute workloads to greener regions.

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BGP Path Attribute Filtering - A Powerful Tool to Mitigate Alien Attributes

Berislav Todorovic

On 2 June 2023, there was a disruption in the global Internet routing, caused by the inability of BGP border routers to process an "alien" BGP Attribute. A nice RIPE Labs article about this event was published back then. Well, the alien turned out to be a "legal alien" - a known attribute, introduc…

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