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Routing Information Service (RIS) Raw Dataset

Erik Romijn

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The Routing Information Service (RIS) is a RIPE NCC project to collect and store Internet routing data. Both BGP updates and RIB dumps are collected and stored. The data is then made available to the Internet community for troubleshooting and research.

  • The RIS deploys Remote Route Collectors (RRCs) at many Internet Exchanges
  • These RRCs peer with local operators to collect routing information
  • The raw data is dumped in the MRT format by our BGP daemon (Quagga), and is kept forever
  • In addition, a MySQL database keeps the last three months of data for interactive tools

The RIS peers from AS12654. Routes collected by the RIS are not used for routing on the RRC.

For more information see the RIPE NCC pages on RIS and RIS raw data . The raw data can be read with libbgpdump .


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