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Managing DNS Over IPv6 Only

Outgrowing your IPv4 allocation is one of many very good reasons to get on with deploying IPv6. Here's a use case on the latest steps the RIPE NCC has been taking in the piecemeal process of deploying IPv6 across its services.

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RIPE Atlas Big Data is Back

The start of 2021 saw RIPE Atlas users encountering delays in data retrieval and an overall drop in the responsiveness of the system. Now that things are back to normal, we thought we’d take a more detailed look at what happened and the steps we’re taking to prevent it from happening again.

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Processing RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat Data with Hadoop

The RIPE Routing Information Service (RIS) and RIPE Atlas produce large amounts of data that needs to be processed, stored and made available to the public. We've been using Hadoop for some time now. In this article we look at the design of the infrastructure we currently have in place and describe…

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