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RIPE Database

Kaveh Ranjbar — Sep 2010
Contributors: Denis Walker
Prototype services, experiments and 'nice to have' features related to the RIPE Database and built for the RIPE community
Improving "Syncupdates" in the RIPE Database
Improving "Syncupdates" in the RIPE Database
Alex Band — 06 Apr 2016

Over the last couple of months we've been putting a lot of focus on improving the usability of the RIPE Database web interface. We started with tightly integrating our Single Sign-On system, RIPE NCC Access, into webupdates. This allows users to seamlessly make changes in all of the different RIPE NCC service interfaces while only requiring a single set of credentials. Then we added better validation, auto-complete, "diffs", integrated abuse-contact creation, updates in a text-area and many more tweaks and improvements to enhance the user experience. The last big part of the RIPE Database web interface that was left untouched is Syncupdates. Until now...

How Pingable are the Pingables?
How Pingable are the Pingables?
Rene Wilhelm — 05 Apr 2016

In February 2011 the RIPE NCC implemented the "pingable:" and "ping-hdl:" attributes in the RIPE Database. These attributes were added to the Routing Policy Specification Language by RFC 5943 to allow networks to advertise IP addresses that are reachable and can be used as a target for diagnostic tests. Five years later we check how the new attributes have been adopted and how reachable the pingable addresses registered in the RIPE Database are when pinged from RIPE Atlas.

Improving the RIPE Database Web Interface
Improving the RIPE Database Web Interface
Alex Band — 24 Nov 2015

There is an extensive project underway to make our services easier to use and work together seamlessly, so that they provide the most value to you. Over the last couple of months we have been working very hard on the RIPE Database. We have made some fundamental changes to the web interface, which we are pleased to introduce to you.

Security and Trust in the Internet Routing Registries operated by the RIRs
Den Is — 04 May 2015

At the RIPE 69 meeting, the use of the RIPE Database as an Internet Routing Registry (IRR) and it's relationship with other IRRs was raised. But there hasn't been much discussion on options for the way forward since. Based on what was said at RIPE 69 and the few comments made on the mailing list, I feel that some issues might need further clarification and discussion.

Deprecating the "changed:" Attribute in the RIPE Database
Tim Bruijnzeels — 02 Feb 2015

The RIPE Database Working Group requested the RIPE NCC to replace the “changed:” attribute in the RIPE Database with “created:” and “last-modified:”. Following discussions at RIPE 69, the RIPE NCC has met with the working group chairs and finalised an implementation plan consisting of three phases: 1) introduce the new attributes “created:” and “last-modified:”, 2) make the "changed:" attribute optional, 3) deprecate the "changed:" attribute. Please find the details in this article.

Revising the RIPE Database Documentation
Fatemah Mafi — 15 Jul 2014

The RIPE NCC is currently revising the RIPE Database documentation as requested by the community at recent RIPE Meetings. The goal is to produce one complete and accurate set of documentation that fully describes all aspects of the RIPE Database. The documentation will be a collection of small documents that will be published as soon as they become available. Over the coming months, you can expect to see a steady supply of these new documents. The current documentation will be available until the new set is complete.

The IPv6 Analyser
The IPv6 Analyser
Alex Band — 20 Jun 2014

The IPv6 Analyser is a toolset that offers our members a visual insight into all the allocations, aggregations and assignments they have made. It was announced a few weeks ago and we're seeing LIRs starting to use it. Please find below some more details about this tool.

Suggestions for Improving Abuse Contact Management
Denis Walker — 05 May 2014

The aim of the policy Abuse Contact Management in the RIPE Database (RIPE document ripe-563), was to make available an abuse contact for all resources maintained by the RIPE NCC. The RIPE NCC proposed an implementation plan that was accepted. During the deployment there has been some feedback on the practicalities of the implementation. At RIPE 67 the RIPE NCC agreed to think about this feedback and present some further options.

Proposed Implementation for 2012-08, "Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Independent Resources"
Johan Åhlen — 30 Jan 2014

The recently accepted policy proposal 2012-08, "Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Independent Resources", requires the RIPE NCC to publish an identifying link between each independent Internet number resource in the RIPE Database and the sponsoring organisation (where such a link exists). This article outlines how we propose to implement this, and asks for your feedback.

Simplified Route Creation in the RIPE Database
Denis Walker — 04 Oct 2013

Creating route objects just got a whole lot easier! Forget about hassle across organisations. Now you can submit the object with the passwords you have, and if it needs more, we will sort it out. The software will decide who else needs to authorise it and contact them. When they send in their passwords, we will match them up and create the object. Then we let everyone know the result – whether it’s a success or failure. Can it get any easier than this?

The RIPE Global Resource Service
Denis Walker — 15 Jul 2013

The RIPE NCC has changed the way data is imported for this service. This allows us to present a more complete Global Resource Service (GRS) for all Internet resources. This article outlines the GRS service including the recent changes. None of these changes have any impact on the standard RIPE Database query service.

Introducing the RIPE NCC Roadmap
Introducing the RIPE NCC Roadmap
Mirjam Kühne — 22 Apr 2013

We often get asked about the status of our different services and projects, and while we frequently publish updates on RIPE Labs, we now have a new tool that makes it easier to stay informed. We're happy to announce the RIPE NCC Roadmap, where you can get an overview of all the latest developments and future plans for these services in one place. This prototype, which is hosted on RIPE Labs, will be further developed as we receive your feedback, so please let us know what you think!

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