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RIPE Database

Kaveh Ranjbar — Sep 2010
Contributors: Denis Walker
Prototype services, experiments and 'nice to have' features related to the RIPE Database and built for the RIPE community
New Webupdates Tool
New Webupdates Tool
Denis Walker — 24 Jun 2011

The RIPE NCC Database Group is pleased to announce a new and improved Webupdates tool for accessing the RIPE Database. This article outlines the workflow and usage of the new Webupdates for changing data in the RIPE Database.… Read more

Tags: database
A New RIPE Database Prototype
Paul Palse — 04 Nov 2010

The RIPE NCC is improving the RIPE Database functionality and usability by introducing a trial of an improved service. With this new service it is easier for any user to see which of the data objects they’re looking at are maintained by the RIPE NCC or an Internet resource Holder.… Read more

Tags: database
Refinements to the RIPE Database Query API
Paul Palse — 23 Aug 2010

Over the last few months, since the last release of our RESTful Query Web Service, we have been adding functionality and fixed some issues that we found while using the underlying API. So, with this update we are releasing all these refinements and fixes to you. Most of the improvements address parsing complexities of the RPSL format.… Read more

Tags: tools database
Serving ROAs as RPSL route[6] Objects from the RIPE Database
Paul Palse — 01 Jun 2010

During the last RIPE Meeting, discussions took place around Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) in association with routing. To give you an idea how an Internet Routing Registry generated from RPKI repositories may look like, we published a prototype of a RIPE Database instance that will serve route[6] objects in RPSL format which are generated from collected ROAs published around the globe.… Read more

LIR Locator Tool
Mirjam Kühne — 16 Apr 2010

The RIPE NCC is working on an Local Internet Registry (LIR) Locator tool that  provides the public with geographical information about LIRs and the services they offer in the RIPE NCC service region: Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.… Read more

Tags: tools database
Measuring IPv6 at Web Clients and Caching Resolvers (Part 2: Country Level and other Statistics)
Emile Aben — 25 Mar 2010

In Part 1 of this article we showed some statistics on IPv6 at end-users and at caching DNS resolvers. In this part will dig deeper into the data we collected and show details on mobile device use of IPv6, country- and city-level IPv6 deployment numbers, and AS-level statistics. … Read more

IPv4 Address Allocation Rates
Robert Kisteleki — 04 Mar 2010

On 30 January 2010 the RIR system reached a small milestone: on this day APNIC has surpassed the RIPE NCC in terms of total allocated/assigned IPv4 address space, as seen in the RIR stats files. On this occasion we decided to look a bit into how IPv4 allocation/assignment rates changed over the last couple of years.… Read more

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