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Using RIPE Atlas to Measure Latency to Reunion Island
Using RIPE Atlas to Measure Latency to Reunion Island
Réhan NOORDALLY — 11 Apr 2017

Internet connectivity is not fairly distributed around the world, in particular for islands or isolated areas. For instance, connectivity to and from the Reunion Island is mainly based on links to France located about 10,000 km away. This causes long delays and degraded Internet service. In this article, we investigate the performance of the Internet connectivity by analysing delay and path properties from and to La Reunion.… Read more

Reverse DNS Outage for Out-of-Region Address Space
Anand Buddhdev — 07 Apr 2017

On Thursday 16 March 2017, at around 20:00 UTC, a bug in a script caused an outage for some reverse DNS delegations registered in the RIPE Database. The effects of the bug were not immediate, but began a cascading failure, that persisted until 18:00 UTC on Friday 17 March. In the following article, you will find more information about what happened.… Read more

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Look Up!
Look Up!
Geoff Huston — 07 Apr 2017

Far from being a vibrant environment with an array of competitive offerings, the activity of providing so-called “last mile” Internet access appears to have been reduced to an environment where, in many markets, a small number of access providers appear to operate in a manner that resembles a cosy cartel, strenuously resisting the imposition of harsher strictures of true competition.… Read more